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The World's Cutest Actor: Jiff

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 30, 2014

I recently got to meet one of the cutest actors in the world...I was honestly nervous and felt like I could burst from happiness and disbelief that something could truly be so adorable.

That actor is Jiff the most adorable pomeranian. If you haven't gotten to see him before...get ready to fall in love. 

I am not alone, Katy Perry is his biggest fan! She even has him in her "Dark Horse" music video!

Did I mention he can skateboard amongst other incredible talents??

And to top it off, he made the Guiness Book Of World Records 2015! 

Now that you have a new obsession to dream about on the daily, head on over to his website to keep up to date on all things Jiff HERE!

Who Wore It Better: Iggy Vs Cher!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 29, 2014

I am such a big fan of both Iggy Azalea and the movie Clueless. In honor of everyone going back to school I wanted to see who YOU think wore it better!

A. Cher Horowitz- The Classic

B. Iggy- The New Classic

Who do you think wore it better? Share in the comments below!

Get The Look: Tyler Carter

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 14, 2014

Hey guys, 

It has been a hot minute since I did a "Get The Look" blog! Tyler Carter is always one to step out in either great fashion or some amazing hair style. In honor of that here is how YOU can be just as fashionable as Tyler :)

T Shirt: Tyler is rocking a bold graphic tee which is easy to find at ANY name brand store or even a vintage store to get the classics! 

Flannel: The flannel has been popular since the 80s to go around your waist or over a tee as a light weight cover up! These can also be found at most name brand stores and especially the great hidden gems at a vintage store ;)

Pants: Tyler is rocking and amazing colored pant that truly makes the outfit complete. It is daring and more challening to rock colored or patterned pants but when done correctly it is a look that people envy. Afterall, fashion is all about standing out and being different right? You can find pants like this at stores like Forever 21, H&M and 7forallmankind to name a few!

Sneakers: I am personally such a sneaker head, I love crazy out there sneakers as well as Vans and Converse. Tyler is rocking some sick sneakers in this look. If you want eye catching sneakers like that head over to Adidas, Nike and Creative Recreation!

Sunglasses: The brigther the better with this look, reflective lenses are also a fun touch! You can get sunglasses at stores like Forever 21 and American Apparel or higher end stores like Sunglass Hut and Ray Ban!

Unicorn: If you find one, call me!

The Final Look: 

What do you think of this look?

Get Kellin Quinn's look  HERE!

One Night With Austin Mahone!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 31, 2014

Hey Buzznet,

Last night I got the opportunity to cover an Austin Mahone show which I never could of imagined myself doing...but I had the best time ever!

We got to L.A Live downtown and saw the endless crowd of "Mahomies" circling the area so we knew we were in the right place. I decided to go around and ask everyone the first word that comes to their minds when they hear "Austin Mahone"...we got some great respones!

We finally made our way inside and got to see the talented gals in Fifth Harmony do their thing! These girls really do show off what it means to be a "BO$$"...pun intended! 

After the crowd settled down for a few minutes, I kept hearing SCREAMS and of course because as much as I hate to admit it, I am no longer a cool 14 year old in the crowd. I guess another Buzznet favorite, Cameron Dallas, who is a Vine superstar was making his rounds in the audience taking pictures with his fans!

I was pumped to finally get to see a band I have heard about recently called The Vamps! They took the stage and were filled with endless energy. They interacted with the crowd so well and got everyone hyped and out of their seats!

Drum roll please...bring on Austin Mahone! I dont even think he stepped on stage before the roar of the audience picked up. It felt like I was back in 1997 getting ready for my favorite boy band, which was such a rad feeling! 

I feel like I learned every word to his songs thanks to the crowd singing along. I however DID already know the lyrics to this song...

Once Austin lifted his shirt I was certain that every girl in the audience was going to collapse and/or cry.

He kept playing his hits and let his dancers take the spotlight for a bit and then serenaded us all on guitar. le sigh.

Needless to say, I went to this show for work and ended up leaving with a smile on my face and a lot of respect for all of these young, talented performers! I also got to enjoy a moment in time when everyone in the room was truly enjoying themselves for all of the right reasons. Does this make me a #mahomie?!

Are you a fan of any of these performers?!

WATCH: The Johnson Brothers Release A Sam Smith Medley!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 25, 2014

The Johnson Brothers are at it again with a beautifully orchestrated medley of Sam Smith songs, featuring Chantry (The Cab) Clayton (Stereo Skyline) ands recent Columbia University grad and youngest brother Connor. Enjoy!

What do you think of this video? 

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The Johnson Brother Cover 'Rude By Magic!


Exclusive: Starset Talk 30 Seconds To Mars, The 1975 & More!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 24, 2014

Hey Buzznet, 

I have some new music for you ears from an amazing band called Starset! When I first checked them out, I was hooked! They channeled some of the best parts of 30 Seconds To Mars that I love so much yet they put their own unique twist on it of course! Now its your turn to check them out...

Check out the interview I did with Dustin Bates:

For the readers who have yet to check you out, describe yourself in 3 words!

Renaissance Nerd=Lonely.

When did you first discover your passion for music?

I fell in love with my mom’s Phil Collins album when I was like 8.  I’m pretty sure that the epic drum fill in “In the Air Tonight” was what inspired me to start playing my first instrument: drums.  Later, I discovered Metallica, which made me want to be in a rock band, and Weezer’s Blue Album gave me the itch to write songs.

What is one song you heard this year that you wish you wrote?

Chocolate by The 1975.  

What is your favorite song to perform live currently?

The Future Is Now.  It slams live, and just when people think it is over at the bridge, we furn our amps to 11 and we do our best to blow minds.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be? 

I might say Pink Floyd with Gilmour and Waters, but that is pretentious for a number of reasons, one of which being they would make us look like idiots. Other bands that would be amazing to tour with for various reasons would be Sigur Ros, Muse, NIN, 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Karnivool, and Linkin Park.  My dream tour of newer bands would be with Bring Me the Horizon and Nothing More.

Describe your dream tour bus!

Anything that isn’t the van that we currently sleep in.  Oh, and it would have to look like a space shuttle.  

What is the best advice you can give someone who is trying to follow their dreams?

Actually “go for it”.  Don’t just follow the dream, but bust your ass towards achieving it.  Find out what you need to do to get there, including the peripheral less-than-fun things that are required to pull it off.  Following dreams is hard work.  Do an honest evaluation of where you are in relation to the dream and formulate your plan based on that, possibly tempering your expectations based upon that.  Everything is possible, but painting the Mona Lisa came natural for da Vinci, whereas a lifetime of work wouldn’t get most of the rest of us there.  But that isn’t to say we shouldn’t try. Practically every day I hear a new song or see a YouTube video that makes me feel incredibly inferior, but that doesn’t stop me.  

Have you had any fan experiences that really stand out to you?

It is awesome and humbling to hear fans give their personal experiences of how a song has helped them.  I’ve seen a couple people cry in the crowd while singing the lyrics and it has given me a lump in my throat. It is hard to sing with a lump in your throat.  Oh, and someone bought us like $50 worth of tacos. That touched my heart!

What are your tour necessities?

We sleep in a van in Walmart parking lots and shower at Planet Fitness. So. like, I guess those two places are necessary.  

Any last words for your fans and our readers?

If you haven’t checked out our debut album, 'Transmissions', do it!  

What do you think of Starset?

Buy their latest album on iTunes HERE!

Album Review: Jesse McCartney Releases 'In Technicolor'

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 22, 2014

Hey Music Lovers, 

Today is your lucky day. A Buzznet favorite, Jesse McCartney, has released a brand new album called 'In Technicolor'! I got to get a first listen and honestly had it on repeat all day at my desk. I got to see Jesse live WAY back in the day and more recently on tour with The Backstreet Boys and he still gave off the same energy from when we were kids. Jesse has ALWAYS been a fantastic songwriter but this album shows off his growth and a side of him I feel he has never shown before which I appreciate.

To get YOU hyped for his new album I am going to share my 3 favorite songs!

1. "Back Together"

This was his first single and it had me hooked for days! I was so into the retro, dancy aspect of it and how it was such a fun uplifting song! Seeing him perform it live in a blue suit defintiely tied it all together! 

2. "The Other Guy"

This song is last on the album but it surely is not least. This song has strong raw vocals that hit your heart, plus the piano is a beautiful touch. This one takes you back to that one specific, relatable situation in your life...definitely is a "blast this in your room when you're alone" kind of song. le sigh.

3. "Superbad"

I loved this one because it makes you feel exactly the way it wants you to...Superbad. Whether you're a girl strutting her stuff in new clothes or the man getting to watch it happen, you feel good in all the bad ways ;)

The rest of the songs are all just as good so if you like what you have heard so far be sure to pick up 'In Technicolor' on iTunes HERE!


Who Wore It Better: Britney Vs Miley!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 18, 2014

Ok so we have the battle of the big dogs in here and it is the battle of the crop top and abs! 

Britney Spears was everyone's "ab idol" at one point and I feel like as of now Miley Cyrus is my current "ab idol" SO I wanted to hear YOUR thoughts on this! 

5 Things I Loved In The 90s!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jun 27, 2014

The older I get the more I look back and think...WHY DID I DO THAT? Well the answer is because it was a trend and that is all we know as kids. I mean I remember watching commercials around the end of the year and let that be how I decided what I wanted for Christmas!

Here are 5 things I loved in the 90s:

Teen Spirit Deoderant:

I didn't fully understand the necessity of deoderant then but I knew it was pretty and made me smell nice so...good job Teen Spirit!

Silver Lipstick: 

Yes, I definitely wore my silver lipstick to my NSYNC concert...don't hate. 


I was the queen of Pokemon, I caught them all and then some. If you didn't like Pokemon in my circle of HAD to be weird. 


Tinted Sunglasses: 

I mean even JT rocked them. In fact I had a pair/may still have a pair of yellow tinted NSYNC sunglasses that I wore with that silver lipstick I mentioned previous...yup definitely was a fashionista. 

The Candy: 

I couldn't get enough Warheads, Sour Patch Kids, Poprocks and Bottle Pops! 

What were some of your favorite childhood things that you miss now?

Youtube Evolution Of: Our Last Night

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jun 19, 2014


This week's evolution is on one of my personal favorite bands; Our Last NightI went to High School in NH and grew up in MA so one of our bigger/well known bands was always this band and I am so stoked to look back on all of their we go!

I feel like I can't start this off right unless we start with 'Escape'

Here is a live performance of "Escape" but this is from 2009 and its featuring Devin Oliver of I See Stars!

Here is another good one from 2010!

This is an incredible live performance for "Age Of Ignorance" from 2012 in Japan!

This is one of my favorite cover songs they have done, it is a cover of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus!!

Last but definitely not least, here is one of their newer music video...SO GOOD!!

What is your favorite Our Last Night song?


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