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Youtube Evolution Of: The Ready Set

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 18, 2014


Starting way back around 2009 a lovely group called The Ready Set was signed to the label owned by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy called Decaydance Records. If you don't know, not only is The Ready Set one of our Buzzmakers but...Jordan (the frontman and creator of it all) has such a lovely voice that he will get you hooked right away. I think I had "Love Like Woe" on repeat for days.

Well enough of my blabbering...let's get this Youtube ball rolling, Enjoy!

So this is about as old school as it gets taking it way back to's live too!

Ok so here is the one I still think is my favorite, "Love Like Woe". I said WOAH when I realized HOW LONG AGO this came out..time FLIES UGH. 

Ugh so goooood right? Just puts a smile on my face everytime! So adorable :)

SO this one is also from 2010 but I had to post it because it kinda goes in sequence with "Love Like Woe" how fun does this little party look?

I wanted to put a live video from Warped Tour 2011 for those of you who have never seen him play before, it is kinda like you get to be front row right?

Last but never least here is a newer music video from 2012. 

Well now that you got the low down and can be young forever and give The Ready Set your is a wrap folks! 

Are you a fan now? What song is YOUR favorite?

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Artist Spotlight: Get To Know Our Newest Buzzmaker Jordan JAE!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 14, 2014

Hey guys!

I am so excited to share this fun interview and artis spotlight with you all! Jordan JAE is our newest buzzmaker as well as one of the sweetest, talented 14 year old girls I have come across in a while

First off, to help us get to know you better, describe yourself in 3 words!

Funny, passionate, and determined.

When did you first discover your love for music?

I discovered my love for music when I was four years old and was singing “We Go Together” from Grease into my Barbie karaoke machine for my whole family. Ever since then I’ve been hooked!

How have you managed to maintain a normal 14 year old lifestyle while also working on your music?

Juggling my music career, school, and my social life can be challenging but I try to stay focused and organized. I prioritize but I am reminded by my parents when I am not prioritizing properly. My Mother is extremely organized and she helps to keep me on track. Spending time with family and friends is very important to me. I always try to have at least one weekend evening with my friends and usually have a Sunday night dinner with my parents and grandparents.

Do you have any advice for other people trying to follow their dreams at a young age?

Yes, just that - follow your dreams! I find that the everyday things that happen at school or at home gives me inspiration. Write songs, sing your heart out, and play your music as loud as you can. Do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Try putting your music up online and see if you can create a following. If you believe in yourself someone else will too.

"Said No One Ever" is SUPER catchy and I love the video, what was the inspiration for all of that?

The inspiration for “Said No One Ever” is that girls have to take back their power in a breakup situation. You can’t let people push you around and hurt you. You have to be strong and have respect for yourself.

What is one song you heard this year that you wish you wrote?

One song I heard this year that I wish I wrote is “Beating Heart” by Ellie Goulding. It is such a powerful song and really hits me hard. Also it was in the soundtrack for the movie “Divergent” and I am in love with the series!

If you could put together your dream tour lineup, who would be on it and what would your dream tour bus look like?

If I could put together a dream tour lineup it would be:

Ellie Goulding

Miley Cyrus

Avril Lavigne

Demi Lovato

Ed Sheeran

My dream tour bus would be filled with the artists from my dream tour line-up, a few close friends, some family and my two little puppies. There will be windows everywhere and even one long window on the top of the bus that partially opens up to a sky roof. The seats will recline into beds all with their own television and Netflix at all times. I am addicted to Netflix! There will also need to be a 24 hour pizza station, lots of Fresca soda, and always a Smores pop-tart that I can grab when I am on the run.

What are your main goals for the up coming months?

My main goals for the upcoming months are to write and record some more songs, book more gigs, because I love performing my music, and study hard so I can keep getting good grades in school.

What albums do you have on repeat?

The albums I have on repeat are Bangerz, and Halcyon.

Any last words for your fans and our Buzznet readers?

I love you all and thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little bit more about me! I am so excited to be a new Buzzmaker! 

What do YOU think of the lovely Jordan JAE??

Thoughts: Leo Dicaprio Gets His Groove On At Coachella!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 14, 2014

Ok so...this weekend I was at the wonderful festival you MAY have heard a thing or two about called...COACHELLA! It was warm, fun and filled with people who were ready to bring their A game in terms of good vibes and dance moves. 

One of my personal favorites in attendance was the man himself, Leonardo Dicaprio. He was spotted at the Bootsy Bellows party as well as here... 

I personally think everthing he does is great and I find it rad that he is having fun and not caring what anyone thinks. Now YOU tell me...

What do you think of Coachella AND what do you think of Leo's "unique" dance moves?

One Night With Bieber...And This Is What Happens?!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 04, 2014

Well here we have it folks. Our little angel Austin Mahone that we all know and love so much...

has joined forces with the "rebelious" Bieber to work on some music in the studio and...drum roll please...


Let's hope that Austin doesn't go through the same transformation as his car clearly has...

Do you think Bieber is a bad influence on Mahone or do you think this is a match made in heaven?

Youtube Evolution Of: Blink 182!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 04, 2014


I don't know if you saw but I recently got to do an interview with Travis Barker which you can see HERE! It got me back into listening to Blink 182 for endless hours SO i felt that was the perfect topic for today's Youtube Evolution! 

I am gonna take it WAY back to the dude ranch days here...


ugh take me back to 2009!

speeding it up to 1020..I love this performance!

this is a newer one, I love it! 

Ill end it with this FULL SET from 2013! enjoy ;)

What is YOUR favorite Blink 182 song?

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Artist Spotlight + Interview: Jenna Lotti

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Apr 01, 2014

Hey Music Pals!

I wanted to share a lovely talent with you named Jenna Lotti! I saw her video and loved her vibe and her voice is incredible! I think you will enjoy it as well :)

For the readers who have yet to check you out, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Jenna Lotti and I am a singer songwriter from Boston, MA. This past month I released my debut LP called Tunnel Vision. Growing up I always wanted to be an entertainer. I wanted to be Britney Spears. I started out as a dancer (hip hop & pop) and I fell in love with performing. I always sang, but never in front of people until college where my roommates would have to beg me to sing a note. Being a collegiate athlete and pursuing a major in Interior Design, I didn't have much spare time to focus fully on music. I would find myself writing poetry to and from games on the bus. During dark times in my life, I would always turn to writing poetry. My senior year of college, my friend gave me his old keyboard and I put two and two together. I turned my poems into songs. After I graduated in 2011, I began playing the guitar, writing songs weekly and posting YouTube videos. After receiving positive responses through YouTube, I finally gained enough confidence to perform my songs at local open mics. That later led to playing with a couple of friends from college and opening for bands around Boston and NYC. After performing as an acoustic act for about a year and half, we later developed into a full band and are now headlining our own shows. 

How do you feel your music stands out to the masses?

I write honest and descriptive lyrics that are instantly relatable. I pair my heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies which create an overall eclectic sound of pop, folk, country and soul.

When did you first discover that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I knew I would always be in entertainment but the first time I discovered  I wanted pursue my music career was the first time I sang an original song in public. I sang the first song I ever wrote called “Target of the night” at an open mic night. I was so nervous I got sick before and there were only about 6 people in the audience. But after I performed I said, "I need to do this".

What's the best advice you can give someone about the music business?

Surround yourself with the people that have your best interest in mind and always trust your gut.

What is your favorite song to perform right now?

My song called “Hold On”. It’s about being in a dark place but being hopeful for the future.

What is one song you heard in 2014 so far that you wish you wrote?

"Royals" by Lorde. She is so original and unique. This song is simple yet so powerful and obviously is a huge smash.

What are you big plans for the next few months?

Everything. Start working on my next album and planning a tour for the fall. The possibilities are endless.

If you could put together your dream tour to be on who would perform and what would your dream tour bus look like?

John Mayer, Sara Bareilles and Justin Timberlake. My dream tour bus would be mint colored with sparkly tires.

Any last words for your fans and our Buzznet readers?

What ever you have been wanting to do. Start today.

What do YOU think of Jenna's music?

Be sure to pick up Jenna's album on iTunes HERE!

Exclusive: Trevor Wentworth Answers YOUR Fan Questions!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Mar 31, 2014

Hey Buzznet Pals, 

Here is a special interview with Trevor Wentworth of Our Last Night where he talks with me about some deep topics as well as YOUR FAN QUESTIONS!! Woo :) 


You guys have been busier than ever lately, how's being on the road so consistently again feel? 

It feels amazing to be back out, I think this is the most US touring/overseas touring this band has ever done, so it's awesome to be back out on tour playing for our new/old fans again.

Our Last Night has been a band for about 10 years now and you guys have had so many ups and downs, how did you all manage to stay focused and driven?                                                    

Like most bands, OLN was started in our parent's basement. I was only 10 years old & the rest of the guys were only 14-16. Never in a million years did we even believe we would have ended up where we are today. So even through the tough times (which we had many of) we would think back to the days when we were first starting out, the days where we had only dreamt to be able to tour the US with some of our favorite bands or fly half way around the world to play some of the most incredible shows.. In any career or even hobby, you have ups and downs, that's life, but the only way to get over the walls that are put in front of you is to power through them, with no egos, with no mindset that everything should be handed to you, and most importantly to never give up. There are many times where I take a second to think about what we have and what we've accomplished with OLN, and that 10 year old me who was begging my mom to skip a weekend field trip with my school just so I could play a show with my band, begins to cry tears of joy and happiness. I think that, along with our incredibly dedicated fans are what keep us all going, and make it so there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop us.

Like you guys, more and more people are deciding to make the switch to independent. What are your thoughts on that?                                                                                                  

I think that we have proven to a lot of bands that you actually can do things on your own, without a label. Yes, it is 100% more work, but 100% more rewarding in the end. What most people don't realize is that It's very hard to make any bit of money while being on a label... Unless you are a massive band, but yet still, you are making way less than you should be. What we never understood was when we write music, put forth years of our lives, and pour our hearts, blood, sweat and tears into something we loved to just see NOTHING from it. I think that was the hardest part. I'm not at all saying record labels are pointless for bands, because we would never be where we are without having started out on one. It's just a shame on how the system works, and how hard it is to see any sort of money after spending so much time on something YOU wrote. But I think a lot of bands are starting to see how much easier it is do things on your own nowadays, especially with YouTube & Itunes making the releases of your music extremely easy to put out there for the fans.


Fan Questions:

What are the origins of some of the new song lyrics?                                                              

All the lyrics I wrote for this EP we're all super personal, and super relatable, I wanted to make the listeners actually feel something when they hear these songs. I wrote a lot about life changing, or things around you changing before you are ready for them to change, that and the constant struggle a lot of people have in their everyday life. 

Ask him if he would sing with Kellin Quinn someday?                                                            

Absolutely! Kellin is my homie, so maybe one day we can make this happen.

What his favourite show was on the Oak Island European Tour? and also thank him for shaking my hand at Manchester!                                                                                                     

Haha anytime! Manchester was actually in my top 5 favorite shows on that tour, but I think Prague was all of our personal favorites.

If they are ever coming to the west coast and when?!                                                          

We will be on the West Coast at the end of April/ beginning of May with our friends in Chiodos.

What has been the most rewarding experience on tour as a singer in Our Last Night                  

Definitely looking back to our most recent headlining tour over in Europe, we played a show in Belgium, it was completely sold out at around 400 kids, the power cut out during our song Fate. As soon as the kids realized what was going on, the ENTIRE crowd started singing the chorus over and over as loud as the could. That to me was completely insane, just to be so far from home and have something like that happen, ill never forget.

When is OLN coming back to the U.S.?                                                                                  

We are doing a full US tour started April 15th go to for tour dates & ticket links!

go Bryan Stars on his a$$! What's his pornstar name                                                            

Well I've always heard to find out your porn star name you take your middle name and the street name you grew up on, so in that case mine would be Michael Ridge, and my one liner would be "Come take a ride on Ridge".. Clearly I've thought about this.

Do you have any plans of coming back to Europe later this year, or in early 2015 to promote your upcoming acoustic EP?                                                                                                

Yes we do :). It's in the talks now. You'll be seeing us early 2015.

If you were a rapper what would your name be?                                                                

HRM (pronounced as *worm*) but it stands for Worlds Hypest Rapper Motherfucker. I'll be out on tour with Kendrick soon.

Exclusive: Artist Spotlight + Interview With Marc E. Bassy!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Mar 28, 2014

Hey Buzzneters!

I have an artist for you to all check out that I am soooooo stoked on! His name is Marc E Bassy! He has worked with soe huge names like Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and Pia Mia! Check otu his music and an interview we did!

So we can get to know you better…describe yourself in 3 words!

based coffee addict

When did you first realize you had a passion for music?

I use to write my xmas songs when I was little, and the dangerous minds soundtrack.

You only write your own music but you've been writing for some other artists, tell us more about that!

I've been lucky enough to write for Pia Mia, an incredible young talent from LA. I work with NICNAC on her joints, and also have done writing for Sean Kingston and Chris Brown

Do you find it easier overall to write for yourself or for other artists?

I don't write for any specific person, I just write whatever comes naturally. I've tried to write for other people specifically and it doesn't work for me.

What is one song you heard so far this year that you wish you wrote?

I wish I wrote "Waiting Game" by Banks. That song is incredible. I also wish I wrote "Never Be The Same" by Ty Dolla Sign...someday when my dreads grow longer.

What are you main goals for the up coming months?

My main goals are to release this marc.e.bassy EP and get my girl Pia some platinum plaques. 

What is the best advice you can give anyone looking to follow their dreams?

Say no to drugs, and say yes to life.

Do you have any hidden talents or guilty pleasures people would be shocked to hear?

Music is pretty much all I can do effectively, and drive a subaru. I think that public education should be much better. 

Any last words for your fans and our Buzznet readers?

I love everybody. Come to a show.

So..What do YOU think of Marc?

Exclusive Interview: Travis Barker Talks MusINK, Tattoos & More!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Mar 20, 2014

Hey Music Pals, 

As you may know I am covered in tattoos and have really fallen in love with the tattoo industry in whole. I am not of the biggest names in the game, Travis Barker also has found a love in ink!

You are not only known for your talent in music but you are highly respected for your incredible tattoo work. What first made you decide to go under the gun?

TB: I wanted tattoos from the time I was about 15. I loved the commitment and permanency that comes with them. It's a piece of artwork that lasts forever.

Everyone is always curious as to what the most painful tattoo is, what was yours?

TB: Rib cage is fun,but  to tell you the truth none of them really hurt all that bad. 

What was the longest session you have done so far?

TB: Probably 10-12 hrs back in the day in one sitting on my back with Jon Sanchez.

MusINK 2014 is coming up this weekend right in Costa Mesa, what are you most excited to see at the festival? 

TB: I'm excited /honored to have some of the best musicians and tattoo artists all under one roof. 

There will be world class tattoo artist at MusINK, are there any that you would kill to have tattoo you?

TB: If I had it my way I'd go around to every station and get something from everybody but the truth is I don't have much space left on my body. haha!

It's pretty common knowledge that when you drum you usually can be seen shirtless, how did you keep your tattoos safe from the sun? Do you use sunblock or do you just risk it?

TB: I try and wear a sweatshirt with a hood almost everywhere I go nowadays. Back in the day I'd be out in the sun on tour for countless hrs and did enough damage to a lot of my work.  Now I'm trying to make up for it and save some of the latest work I've gotten from the sun!

If someone offered to remove all of your tattoos to allow you to start from scratch would you do it?

TB: Nope, that's like rewriting my life. My body is a scrap book of tattoos and it wouldn't even be right to tear even one page out. NO TATTOO REMOVAL FOR ME!

Do you have any advice for kids who are looking to get work done for the first time?

TB: Think long and hard about what tattoo you want cause you've come to the right place. MusINk really truly does have the who's who of the tattoo industry and I'm proud to be able to say that. Enjoy it, take advantage of it.

Any last words for your fans and our readers who are planning to attend MusINK this weekend?

TB: Have a great time, be safe and most importantly ENJOY!

Buy tickets for MusInk HERE!

Buzznet Exclusive: Brick + Mortar Premiere Video For 'Locked In A Cage'!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Mar 19, 2014

Hey Music Pals,

Here is a rad video premiere to check out from Brick + Mortar for a song called "Locked In A Cage"!

I am digging the setting of this video but don't want to spoil it for you so take a look for yourself ;) 

What do you think of this band and the video?

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