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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Finch Talk Their Reunion, Tour & Their Fans!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 29, 2014

Hey Buzznet, 

Whether you have been a fan of Finch from day one or you are just hearing of them for first time, you will LOVE this interview! The band has reunited and has some great things in store for you a new album that comes out TOMORROW! 

Pre-Order the album HERE

For anyone who has yet to check Finch out, how would you describe the band in 3 words?

I guess I would say… ear shattering freaks

What do you feel has been your most legendary song?

You’d have to say "What It Is To Burn", that song is responsible for a large part of the bands success and one we’re proud of and have fun playing every night. That being said, I feel like we are looking towards the future and there are songs on the new record that have that kind of weight to them, what ends up translating to the listener is not really up to us… we’ve got some real epics in our catalogue from "Ender", to "Chinese Organ Thieves". To me it comes down to what songs feel great to play and right now we’re really enjoying rehearsing and playing a big chunk of the catalogue. 

What is the best advice you can give to anyone trying to follow their dreams?

It comes down to practice and honing your craft, whether it’s music or anything else. There are no short cuts, you have to get good at what you’re doing and dedicate your entire life to those dreams. Don’t be afraid of failure, anyone that has ever reached a goal or found success with their craft will tell you that there is much more failure along the way then maybe they anticipated. To me, failure is a motivator… how can I do it better next time? What is it that I’m not doing well? Finding the answer to those things and pushing through is a big part of following your dreams and hopefully achieving what you want to achieve. 

What is the most challenging part of being a musician? 

Dedicating enough time to learn your instrument and learn how to write a song or put arrangements together is the first hurdle I guess, after that it’s a challenging lifestyle of being on the road and being a freak to the outside world… but all that is actually quite enjoyable after a while!

You guys have a tour coming up in October, what can the fans expect from your live performance?

We’re going to be playing new songs off of 'Back To Oblivion' and a bunch of songs off of 'What It Is To Burn' and Say 'Hello To Sunshine', I’m really looking forward to playing what will probably be the most comprehensive Finch set ever! We’re putting some production stuff together as well… but honestly the best part of a finch show is the people that show up and sing ever word, that always surprises me and

What inspired you all to rally up the troops and be a full-time band again?

Our manager Andy Harris got us back together to do the anniversary tour last year, and just the power of those shows and the songs really motivated us to start writing and really dedicate ourselves to a new record, the songs that came out of us and how it felt to be playing new songs together that we were really proud of… it makes it pretty easy to say ‘yea let’s do it for real’ 

If you could design your dream tour bus, what would it look like?

It would  absolutely look like the inside of the Millennium Falcon, but with a hot tub.

What is your favorite song to perform live?

For me, it changes almost every night, I’m always surprised by old songs that have new life breathed into them. On our last tour through Asia and UK I guess my favorite song was our new song “Two Guns To The Temple” it’s got great energy. 

Pick one song off the new album ' Back To Oblivion' and tell us what inspired the lyrics!

I can’t totally speak to the lyrics because Nate writes all his own lyrics, but I know that he was working off of the idea of Oblivion, and what that is to him or to other people. I think that song  ‘Back To Oblivion’ sparked a lot of ideas for him and he was able to create a little world for himself to dream up ideas and stories he wanted to tell. 

Any last words for your fans and readers!

Thanks for all the years of support, we would not be doing what we’re doing without our fans! Make sure and grab the new album and a ticket to one the upcoming shows, come find us and say hi! 

Demi Lovato Is Staying Busy This Fall...

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 26, 2014

As if Demi Lovato wasn't busy enough already with her music and American Idol...she has taken on some new exciting ventures. 

She has joined forces with Skechers and created her own collection! Here is what she had to say about it:

“Everyone is unique and Skechers embodies that. Their Skechers Memory Foam shoes conform to YOU, so it’s a customized fit," Demi said about the collab. "I think everyone should celebrate their individuality and I’m happy to collaborate with Skechers in promoting this message.”

Demi also has released her own Skin Care line called Devonne by Demi! Lavender mist? Sign me up! 

Last but not least, she has her own line of hair extensions called Secret Color! They come in so many awesome colors and they are attached to a headband so it's so easy to use on the daily! 

We are so proud of Demi and her success! Out of all of her exciting announcements, which are you most excited about? 

The Tragic Thrills Talk Tour, Mat Kearney & Their Album!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 24, 2014

Hey Buzznet, 

I am excited to share this awesome interview with you all that I did with The Tragic Thrills

On your Facebook page it says the band was founded in 2013. How did you guys find each other?

We all came from other bands and projects. Cameron and I (Zach) got introduced to Chris and Ans through our manager because we had 3 shows coming up in the Southern California area and needed a drummer and a guitar player to fill in. We only got to rehearse together for 2 days before the shows but we had an instant chemistry. Pretty much right away we asked them to join the band, along with Gabe.  

Are there ever any challenges to working in a group with different opinions?

The nice thing about this band is that we've all been touring for 5-6 years and so we know what it’s like to be in close proximity and to work together on something as particular as a band. It doesn't come without its challenges but everybody having the same vision keeps us rolling.  Working towards something together can be really rewarding, I think.

What was your favorite part in the process of creating the album?

I personally love recording and being in a studio. I don't care if it's vocals, drums, guitar, mixing, comping, pre-production, whatever - I want to be there and be a part of it.  As much as technology is improving and people are able to do more and more by themselves, I hope the old fashioned recording process is never totally lost.  

What motivated you to self-fund your debut album?

Since no one was interested in signing us, self-funding was really our only option. At the time, I was obsessed with finishing the record and I didn't really care what happened after it was done. I'm very thankful we were able to make the record. It gave me a lot of purpose and I'm lucky I had that. 

On your website, it says you were enamored with the production on Mat Kearney's "Young Love". What about this sound made decide you work with Jason Lehning on production for the album?

Jason Lehning is an amazing producer. His work on Young Love was so fun to listen to. Jason has a rich musical background that he applies to his innovative pop-sensibilities in a very unique way. When I was conceptualizing a record in the very early stages, I was drawn to the idea of my words and stories being accompanied by production that had a stamp and a voice of its own. I liked the idea of both entities complimenting and furthering each other. I immediately thought Jason could do that for me when I heard his work. 

How would you describe the sound on this album?

Folk rock with big half-time drum beat tendencies

What inspired the re-release coming up on September 30th?

We signed a record deal.  Woo Hoo!

(Aimed toward Zach) The lyrics of your songs seem to come from a very personal place. Are all the things you talk about real-life situations?

Pretty much. They come from me or things close to me. My observations of the rest of the world sometimes feel insincere or too cynical and so I try my best to stick to what I know.  

Take me through the process of getting the lyrics just-right for a new song.

I'm a slow song writer. My lyrics are pretty emotive and so a lot of times I feel something and then have to work it out and make sense of it all.  

Do you ever get nervous talking about such intimate and personal things in your songs? 

I think of lot of it is subliminal. I think sometimes I steer clear of topics that I'm scared of without even knowing it. But usually they find a way of sneaking back in.

You just finished up a tour last month, what was your favorite city to perform in? 

Little Rock, AR, actually.  I just thought we played really well that night. We had some friends at the show which usually just stresses me out but this time it was really nice.  

Do you have any fun stories from being on the road that stand out to you? 

At the end of tour we were in New Jersey and had to drive all the way back to San Diego. We left at the crack of dawn from New Jersey in order to get  to Nashville before 10pm to go to this Nashville Hot Chicken place called Hattie B's before it closed. We had to haul ass the whole way to make it. Even when we stopped for gas it was a military operation where one person started pumping while the other person went to the restroom and then ran back in time to finish pumping so the first pumper could go to the restroom. When we finally had a beer and the hot chicken, it was an out-of-body experience. I've never felt so drunk, high, whatever in my entire life. It might have been the best meal of my life.  

The tour is wrapped, the album is set to be released on September 30th, what is next for you guys?

We'll be adding more dates this fall and hopefully into the next year. In the meantime, I'm working on album 2.

Artist Spotlight: XO Stereo!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 19, 2014

Hey Buzznet, 

I have some new music for you to fall in love with. My really good friend Justin Whitesel started a new band called XO Stereo that I got to see live last night for the first time! 

They had their show with Escape The Fate at The Glass House in Pomona, CA! When we first showed up, there was already a good crowd of people excited to see them hit the stage. I hadn't seen Justin play since a tour we were on when he was in his old band called Love Hate Hero so I was just as eager as every fan watching. The second they came on it was instant energy, they even got people jumping up and down screaming the lyrics!

One of my favorite songs to see live was "Show And Tell" which you can see in the video below...

I was sad to see them finish but was so proud, excited and impressed by their performance that I already can't wait to see them play again! 

Another rad band played after them called Hideouts that you should definitely give a listen to as well. 

The headlining band was one I know you all know and love, Escape The Fate, who of course KILLED it! 

Overall, it was just a magical night getting to see so many familiar faces and important people in my life doing what they love while making other people smile. 

If you haven't checked out XO Stereo yet follow them and keep an eye out for when they come to a city near you :) 




Motionless In White Release 'Reincarnate'

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 16, 2014

Hey Music Junkies, 

We have some news that will be music to your ears...literally. Motionless In White has released their new album today called 'Reincarnate'!

Buy the album on iTunes HERE!!!

What is your favorite song off of their new album? 

Exclusive Interview: Lights Talks Writing, Her Baby & New Video 'Up We Go'

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Sep 05, 2014

In case you missed it, one of our Buzznet favorites has released a new video and we got an exclusive interview to go along with it! 

Lights has released a new video for her song "Up We Go"...

The song is SO catchy and the video makes me want to ride in an elevator more. 

What was your main inspiration behind the concept of your video?

The initial idea I had was to do something in one take that involved a lot of chaos. I felt that would be a good representation of the daily battles of life and how we kind of just power through it and keep looking forward, which is what the song touches on. I let the director take it from there. Alon took a basic idea and brought it to life, almost to the point that I thought it would be almost impossible to pull off. But we did it!

What was it like working with Mike Stent?

Spike Stent mixed a few of the tracks off Little Machines (including "Up We Go")  from his studio in London actually, so unlike our first time working together on The Listening when we were able to pow wow in person, the collaboration happened from quite a distance. He is such a talent, he brought a life to the songs that I wouldn't have even pictured when I was creating them. Some of his changes took me aback at first because I'd been so close to the songs for so long, but after a couple listens it was hard to imagine them any other way. That's how you know you've got the right mix!

Was it challenging having to go back and forth from LA to BC to record?

The only reason we didn't complete the album in LA, where the producer Drew Pearson is based, was because I wanted to have my baby in Canada and when we were three weeks away from the due date we moved the sessions up north. So other than the fact that it was physically hard to maneuver around at that point, the change of scenery was actually nice. It ended up working out great being in Vancouver because it took us a little longer than originally planned to finish, and I was able to get back in the studio three days after giving birth to finish the record. 

In your video there are so many crazy things going on around you, was it hard to keep a straight face while filming?

Aside from knowing the general activities and stories, I had no idea what was going on behind me. All of the set changes, choreography, and comings and goings happened behind my back so it was actually pretty easy to keep a straight face. All I could see were the cameras. What was challenging was making sure I was nailing a captivating performance every time so that when the moment came that every single thing went as planned, we'd have a good take. 

In the video, there are a many characters coming in and out. Did any of these have any particular meanings? 

Most of the scenarios were invented by the mind of our killer director, Alon Isocianu. Some were references pulled from moments we loved out of movies or other videos, e.g. Wes Anderson was a big influence and there are even some sci-fi moments. The point was just to have a lot of varying and entertaining little situations to make what is ultimately a lifeless set seem super entertaining. 

Was it awkward trying to film the scenes with the couple?

The couple was totally not awkward at all. They are engaged to be married in real life so they had no problem getting right in there. Between takes we all just sat around and laughed.

What part was it hard not to laugh at?

When I was standing between the two wrestlers it was hard for me to maintain seriousness for the first little while. They were really nice dudes and the scenario was just so dorky, two big guys getting in a scrap over something one sees on his little phone. Also, when the shirt hit me in the head I was just praying my hair wasn't messed for the rest of the take. 

What was your favorite part to film?

I loved when the band came in with me for the choruses, it felt like a natural performance and was a lot of fun. Also loved the party scene with the twenty fans we invited out. They were such troopers and the moment had so much energy. 

Which part was the most difficult?

The most difficult part was the fact that I had to sing the song over and over again! Just lip syncing while filming is never convincing so to get a natural appearance you need to actually sing along. The song is at the top of my range all the way through so my voice was really tired afterwards. 

At the end of the video you break "forth wall" which is something that hasn't been done before, what made you decide to do that?

This was another of Alon's ideas, which turned out spectacularly because there is actually so much more going on behind the scenes than the video lets on. When the camera pulls back and you realize it isn't actually a real elevator, you kind of get a glimpse of how many moving parts and how much work was involved in pulling a video like this off. 

Besides this great track, what else can we look forward to when your album is released?

Aside from the Little Machines Tour this fall, we have so many goodies to release over the next little while, including in-studio videos of making the album, more music videos, bonus tracks and other goodness. 

Lights Fall 2014 US Tour Dates:

10/24 Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall

10/25 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club

10/29 New York, NY - Irving Plaza

10/31 Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony

11/01 Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live!

11/02 Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts

11/04 Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall

11/05 Chicago, IL - House of Blues

11/07 Denver, CO - The Summit Music Hall

11/08 Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex

11/11 Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre

11/13 San Francisco, CA - Grand Ballroom at Regency Center

11/14 Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater

11/15 Seattle, WA - Showbox At The Market

What are your thoughts on Lights and her new video!?

The World's Cutest Actor: Jiff

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 30, 2014

I recently got to meet one of the cutest actors in the world...I was honestly nervous and felt like I could burst from happiness and disbelief that something could truly be so adorable.

That actor is Jiff the most adorable pomeranian. If you haven't gotten to see him before...get ready to fall in love. 

I am not alone, Katy Perry is his biggest fan! She even has him in her "Dark Horse" music video!

Did I mention he can skateboard amongst other incredible talents??

And to top it off, he made the Guiness Book Of World Records 2015! 

Now that you have a new obsession to dream about on the daily, head on over to his website to keep up to date on all things Jiff HERE!

Who Wore It Better: Iggy Vs Cher!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 29, 2014

I am such a big fan of both Iggy Azalea and the movie Clueless. In honor of everyone going back to school I wanted to see who YOU think wore it better!

A. Cher Horowitz- The Classic

B. Iggy- The New Classic

Who do you think wore it better? Share in the comments below!

Get The Look: Tyler Carter

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 14, 2014

Hey guys, 

It has been a hot minute since I did a "Get The Look" blog! Tyler Carter is always one to step out in either great fashion or some amazing hair style. In honor of that here is how YOU can be just as fashionable as Tyler :)

T Shirt: Tyler is rocking a bold graphic tee which is easy to find at ANY name brand store or even a vintage store to get the classics! 

Flannel: The flannel has been popular since the 80s to go around your waist or over a tee as a light weight cover up! These can also be found at most name brand stores and especially the great hidden gems at a vintage store ;)

Pants: Tyler is rocking and amazing colored pant that truly makes the outfit complete. It is daring and more challening to rock colored or patterned pants but when done correctly it is a look that people envy. Afterall, fashion is all about standing out and being different right? You can find pants like this at stores like Forever 21, H&M and 7forallmankind to name a few!

Sneakers: I am personally such a sneaker head, I love crazy out there sneakers as well as Vans and Converse. Tyler is rocking some sick sneakers in this look. If you want eye catching sneakers like that head over to Adidas, Nike and Creative Recreation!

Sunglasses: The brigther the better with this look, reflective lenses are also a fun touch! You can get sunglasses at stores like Forever 21 and American Apparel or higher end stores like Sunglass Hut and Ray Ban!

Unicorn: If you find one, call me!

The Final Look: 

What do you think of this look?

Get Kellin Quinn's look  HERE!

One Night With Austin Mahone!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 31, 2014

Hey Buzznet,

Last night I got the opportunity to cover an Austin Mahone show which I never could of imagined myself doing...but I had the best time ever!

We got to L.A Live downtown and saw the endless crowd of "Mahomies" circling the area so we knew we were in the right place. I decided to go around and ask everyone the first word that comes to their minds when they hear "Austin Mahone"...we got some great respones!

We finally made our way inside and got to see the talented gals in Fifth Harmony do their thing! These girls really do show off what it means to be a "BO$$"...pun intended! 

After the crowd settled down for a few minutes, I kept hearing SCREAMS and of course because as much as I hate to admit it, I am no longer a cool 14 year old in the crowd. I guess another Buzznet favorite, Cameron Dallas, who is a Vine superstar was making his rounds in the audience taking pictures with his fans!

I was pumped to finally get to see a band I have heard about recently called The Vamps! They took the stage and were filled with endless energy. They interacted with the crowd so well and got everyone hyped and out of their seats!

Drum roll please...bring on Austin Mahone! I dont even think he stepped on stage before the roar of the audience picked up. It felt like I was back in 1997 getting ready for my favorite boy band, which was such a rad feeling! 

I feel like I learned every word to his songs thanks to the crowd singing along. I however DID already know the lyrics to this song...

Once Austin lifted his shirt I was certain that every girl in the audience was going to collapse and/or cry.

He kept playing his hits and let his dancers take the spotlight for a bit and then serenaded us all on guitar. le sigh.

Needless to say, I went to this show for work and ended up leaving with a smile on my face and a lot of respect for all of these young, talented performers! I also got to enjoy a moment in time when everyone in the room was truly enjoying themselves for all of the right reasons. Does this make me a #mahomie?!

Are you a fan of any of these performers?!

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