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Exclusive: Mat Kearney Talks New Music, New Album & More!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Dec 17, 2014

We are big fans of Mat Kearney over here at Buzznet so we are more than excited to share this amazing interview with you all. Mat has a new album coming out in February called "Just Kids" that you can pre-order HERE!  

What was the inspiration behind your new single "Heartbeat"?

It's a simple love song. I literally picked up my guitar and wrote heartbeat in a few min. I had been waiting for a lighthearted moment for a while. I felt like my new record was really deep and emotional but it needed a few fun moments for you to catch your breath. "Heartbeat" was the one. 

You're new album Just Kids is coming out in February, what can you tell us about it?

It has lot of spoken word type story telling songs. people who have heard it say it reminds them of my first record nothing left to lose. I feel it's really honest and people will enjoy the different types of styles I'm playing with on JUST KIDS. 

What is your writing process like?

Sometimes I pick of a guitar in my living room. sometimes I'm making like a hip hop beat backstage at a show. Sometimes I'm inviting friends over to help me find a melody. Sometimes I sneak into this music school down the road and write songs on the piano they have sitting in the beautiful hall...lots of different ways to skin a cat. Lately ive enjoyed making beats and writing to those. 

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Growing up. JUST KIDS is about the formative years of my life. Nostalgia always seems to lead me to good songs and special moments in writing. 

Any tours in the works?

YES!! I'm going to be playing some of the best rooms in america this spring (March). Im getting to play some of the rooms ive always dreamed of playing in. Like the wilturn in LA and the Ryman here in Nashville. I can't tell you how excited I am. 

Many of your songs have appeared is smash hit TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and So You Think You Can Dance, how has getting all that exposure been?

A lot of my songs have been used in tv shows. When I put out my first record there were a few moments in some big tv shows that really helped people discover me. It's always funny when you write a song about something and then it ends up becoming the soundtrack to doctors making out on television, but I'm not complaining it's helped in so many ways. 

If you could design your dream tour bus, what would it look like?

My dream tour bus would have a recording studio in the back, A putting green and it would have a la marzacco espresso machine on it. It would def have a dance floor for all the after show dance parties. I'm known to drag all my band mates out of bed and put on some MJ or something. 

Empty your pockets, what's in there?

1 red guitar pick 

New iphone. 

That's all I need I guess

Do you have any advice for your fans and our readers about following their dreams? 

Find your own path, don't imitate. For songwriters I tell them to write the songs only they could write. 

What do you guys think of Mat Kearney and his music?


I See Stars Have Something Exciting To Celebrate With You All!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Dec 09, 2014

Do we have any I See Stars fans out there? Well, either way we all have something to celebrate! Last year the band put out a music video for "Murder Mitten" and as of yesterday it has reached over 4 million views! Bring on the applause, that is such an accomplishment! 

If you haven't gotten a chance to see this awesome and powerful it is! 

What do you think of the video?

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Nikki Reed Talks New Music, New Movies & More!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Dec 02, 2014

Hey Buzznet buds,

We have an amazing interview to share with you all that I did with the lovely, multi-talented gal Nikki Reed! If you are not familiar with her name, she is an incredible actor who has starred in many movies like Twilight and my personal favorite, Thirteen! It doesn't stop there though, she has just recently released new music that I cannot stop listening to! 

Now that you have this amazing song in your is the interview we did that I know you will love! 

You’re known for being an actress and a writer. Now you’ve added singer to your resume. When did you discover your love of singing/music?

I've always loved to sing. Some of my earliest memories are of me humming to Lauryn Hill on the radio, or walking door to door selling brownies and homemade bracelets trying to save up enough money to buy a karaoke machine so I could put on shows at the corner park. As I got older, fear took over, and I lost my ability to connect with music because I was afraid I wasn't good enough. It took me falling in love with writing again, to find my way back to music. 

How has the recording process been? How different is it from your acting process?

Music and acting, while there are some parallels, come from a totally different place. I spend weeks, sometimes months, preparing for a role in a film, while a song is usually found in the moment. Playing a character is something I am finding more and more common when it comes to my approach to music, which is very apparent with this last song. "Fly With You" is a departure from anything I have done before because I was embodying a character.

Describe your sound in 3 words!

My sound in three words: consistent, simple, honest.

How has working with Stefano Langone been?

Stefano is an amazing spirit. He brings a lot to the table, while helping channel the vibe and feeling of each song. He allows me to write, and doesn't step on anyone's toes. He is wonderful to collaborate with, not to mention an incredible talent.

What was the inspiration for your new single "Fly With You"?

I wanted to try something new, something that scared me. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone. I had a vision; I wanted to mix genres and forget conventional song structure and go with what I felt in the moment. 

You have two new movies coming out in the next couple of months! How has juggling those and working on your record been?

Ha! Good question. I would say I am happiest when I am multitasking, so I tend to invite too much on to my plate intentionally. 

Your donating a portion of your proceeds to the Wildlife Way Station which is amazing! What about that charity speaks to you?

I grew up surrounded by animals, with an incredible amount of respect and regard for nature because of what I witnessed. There is such an obvious disconnect between nature and people, that is becoming more and more apparent with each generation. I see this specifically with kids because they simply don't have the opportunity to interact with nature, and we don't value the importance of educating them on the subject. The Wildlife Waystation is a magical place that combines all of these things. We have 300,000 dollars to raise for the proper permits to open it back up to the public, making it fully sustainable. 

Do you have any new music coming our way?

More music is on it's way! The response to this song has been so positive, and so inspiring. 

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I love sound. I love the vibrations that come from singing. I close my eyes and daydream about Norah Jones, Johnny Swim, Ben Harper, Laura Marling and so many more that make me fall in love with singing every single time I hear one of their songs. 

So Buzznet, what do YOU think of Nikki's new music? Tell us in the comments below!

WATCH: The Word Alive Release Video For 'The Runaway'

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 26, 2014

Hey Music Junkies,

Here is something to be thankful for...The Word Alive released their newest video for "The Runaway" today and I have a strong feeling you are going to be watching it more than once. I personally love the vibe and direction they went with this video, it brings me back to going to see my friend's band practices and watching them just vibe and get creative! 

"Instead of shooting a high budget looking video, we stripped everything down and just jammed in a garage the way so many of us have in our early days. It felt good to just capture some of the essence of being naive and just loving playing music with your best friends. The video was stress free and we actually shot it in Arizona and invited a handful of home state fans to participate." -Telle Smith

LISTEN: Rixton Announce New Single 'Hotel Ceiling'

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 21, 2014

Hey Music Buds, 

We have a fun new single from the talented guys in Rixton! The new single "Hotel Ceiling" came out today and we are so into it...of course we will share it with you all :) 

"Following on the success of their debut platinum hit single and U.K. No. 1 “Me And My Broken Heart” and their U.K. Top 10 follow up “Wait On Me” — British sensations Rixton have announced their next single will be “Hotel Ceiling.” The track is the third single from the Manchester band’s eagerly anticipated full-length debut album Let The Road, which will now be available in the U.S and around the world on March 3rd, 2015 via School Boy/Giant Little Man/Mad Love/Interscope Records.  Those who pre-order Let The Road will receive “Hotel Ceiling” as an instant download.  A video for the track, which is co-written by the band, their producer Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Maroon 5), and Ed Sheeran will be released in January.  Rixton will perform their new single live on Good Morning America on January 6th on ABC."

What do YOU think of the new single? 

Exclusive: Young Rising Sons Talk Highs, Lows, Music & The 1975!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 17, 2014

Hey Music Buds,

We got a chance to sit down with Young Rising Sons and chat about their music, Songwriting and The 1975

In "High", you sing "Without a low, there ain't a high". What have been the lows that you've had to experience to get to the highs in your career?

We have been a band for about 5 years now. In that time a lot of what we tried didn't work. It was discouraging to pour everything we had into something only to be kicked around by the music industry and not be taken seriously. We were made a lot of empty promises and sent on wild goose chases to find 'the right sound,' or write 'the big smash.' only to be rejected. However, we always knew that this is what we were going to do no matter what happened to get in our way.

"High" was featured in the movie, "This Is Where I Leave You". What's it like hearing your song in movies o on the radio?

It's similar to that scene in That Thing You Do, when they first hear their song on the radio. It's a very surreal experience that I don't think will ever become old to us.

Your sound reminds me a little bit of fun. Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

We listen to so many different things and individually we all grew up listening to a pretty diverse plethora of music. Queen, The Supremes, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and even Rancid are a few different artists we derive inspiration from.

How do you write your songs? What is the process like?

We all write our songs together in a very open, democratic process. Someone will come in with a melody, lyric, or riff, and we will bounce ideas off each other until we have something we can all stand behind and be proud of.

Right now you're touring with the 1975, what has it been like on the road?

We've been on the road for a while now, and everything tends to become a bit of a blur. However, this tour is certainly different from anything we have done in the past. The kids that come out to the shows are truly music fans and are at the front of the stage as soon as doors open. The 1975 has a passionate and rabid fan base, and it's been an honor and pleasure to share the stage with them.

Shawn Mendes Premieres Video For 'Something Big' & We Love It!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 12, 2014

Hey Buzznet, 

The lovely and talented Shawn Mendes has released his official video for "Something Big"! Shawn has been on my rader but I've never heard his music until now and honestly I am extremely impressed! I love the catchy lyrics, the upbeat vibe and the concept he chose for the video. It's always so rewarding to see people go after their dreams at such a young age! Enjoy...

What do you think of Shawn Mendes?

Be sure to go see Shawn Mendes live at a city near you!!


11/15 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theater

11/26 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern

11/30 - Toronto, ON - The Danforth Music Hall


12/5 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center

12/8 - Minneapolis, MN - Xcel Energy Arena

12/10 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Arena

12/12 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

12/14 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

12/15 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center

12/18 - Chicago, IL - United Center

12/21 - Miami, FL - BB&T Center

12/22 - Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Times Forum


5/22/15 - Baton Rouge, LA - LSU Tiger Stadium

5/30/15 - Detroit, MI - Ford Field

6/6/15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Heinz Field

6/13/15 - Philadelphia, PA - Lincoln Financial Field

7/11/15 - East Rutherford, NJ - Metlife Stadium

7/13/15 - Washington, DC - Nationals Park

7/18/15 - Chicago, IL - Soldier Field

7/24/15 & 7/25/15 - Foxborough, MA - Gillette Stadium

8/1/15 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

8/8/15 - Seattle, WA - Century Link Field

8/15/15 - Santa Clara, CA - Levi's Stadium

8/29/15 - San Diego, CA - PETCO Park

10/2/15 & 10/3/15 - Toronto, ONT - Rogers Centre

10/18/15 - Dallas, TX - AT&T Stadium

10/24/15 - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

10/31/15 - Tampa, FL - Raymond James Stadium



Sleeping WIth Sirens Have Some Big News And Release 'Kick Me'!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 10, 2014

According to the new song "Kick Me" that Sleeping With Sirens released today on Epitaph Records, "We don't know sh**t about them" BUT we do know this song is incredible. As I mentioned, it was released on Epitaph which means they are now signed to exciting?! 

We are big fans and supporters of SWS here at Buzznet so we are so proud and excited to share this new video with you! 

What do you think of this new song? 

With Every Obstacle Comes A New Path.

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 09, 2014

It has been a while since I wrote a deeper, heartfelt blog on here. I have been really working on myself inside and out and am trying to pass on the knowledge and amazing feelings that come along with doing that to anyone who wants to listen. Once you are happy with yourself, everything else seems to make sense and good people are drawn to you. I sat down and listened to music the other day after a long walk and started writing down my thoughts...enjoy.

  • Love can and always will be more powerful than hate. 
  • ALWAYS act from a place of love.
  • Don't get mad when you don't get what you want from a situation. There is alway a reason that it's unfolding the way it is.
  • Try to walk in the shoes, even for a second, of the person you are conflicted with. 
  • Spend more time within yourself and less time "in your head".
  • Money is cool but it is just a perk oh and it's literally a piece of paper. True wealth comes from everything else. Money later rewards you for seeking what you need and love.
  • Happiness has no face value. 
  • You have way less control than you'd like, EMBRACE it!
  • If you wanted to settle, you would have by now. Keep moving. 
  • Keep your class. You will cherish it later. Great men and women will treat you right only if you set a high standard for them to match up to. Set your goals. 
  • It's OK to cry, do not abandon a natural emotion just because of your ego.
  • If they pull away...let them go.
  • The truth define what matters to you. You create conflict and stress in your life by how you respond to situations.
  • Age IS just a number.
  • Kids give the best advice.
  • Laughter will seriously heal you.
  • Take care of yourself, wellness is vital and it is more than just what you see on the scale. 
  • Friends are meant to mirror the best qualities you project out to the world. Never take them for granted. 
  • Don't party as much as you did when you were younger. Successful adults need sleep. 
  • Dreams can and will be the answer to alot of your questions in life, write them down!
  • Open a book at least 2 times a week. Let yourself absorb other worlds, thoughts,ideas and educate yourself. 
  • Do not EVER lose yourself in anyone, they connected with you because of who YOU are. If they wanted to date themselves they would. 
  • Even if you think you have it all figured out, you don't. There is always room to crash, burn, survive, grow and get even stronger. 
  • Travel as much as you possibly can, trust me! 
  • Smile as much as you possibly can, trust me!
  • Tell yourself how beautiful you are every single day. 
  • Be grateful especially "the easier" things get. Gratitude is the base of all success and happiness.

What is one thing you love about yourself?

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Deleasa Talks Inspiration, Music & More!

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 06, 2014

Hey Buzznet, 

We have some new amazing music for you from Deleasa! We listened to his newest song "Good People" and were instantly hooked! You can order the song on iTunes HERE! Another personal favorite is this song...

"Michael Deleasa is no stranger to the road, having previously toured in direct support to Olly MursLawsonJason Castro and The Jonas Brothers. This time around, Deleasa is set to kick off his "GranTourismo" Fall Tour alongside Nick Thomas (formerly of The Spill Canvas) and Cassio Monroe. Starting November 6th Deleasa will be traveling throughout the northeast, playing 9 cities along the way."

Here is our fun interview we did! 

When and how did you know that you wanted to pursue music?

Well I have always loved music from a young age and would dream of being in a band. I then joined my first band in 6th grade and was hooked and just didnt stop playing and touring. Before I knew it I was living in LA realizing oh damn I am a full time "artist" 

What inspires your sound?

There is a lot of amazing music out there that inspires me, I definetly fall into the category of a old soul and love Al Green, Earth Wind and Fire and Steely Dan to name a few but then there are all these new artist that are interpreting the things I love with today's technology so I'll get turned onto a new artist like banks and hear snakeships remix of warm water or hear a Mayer Hawthorne cut and just get all amped up and it inspires me to push my sound.

How do the lyrics to your songs come about?

It may sound cliche but just life.... Some times im driving and hangin on a thought so I start humming and  it snowballs.... I also just makes notes of titles or jot down a few lyrics when ever. Sometimes it hits right when I'm about to fall asleep or in the middle of being out.

What is your favorite song to perform live, and why?

Right now its the new single good people for the sole fact its a straight jam

Who would you like to work with in the future?

There are quit a few but to name a few Q-tip, Raphael Saadiq, and I think a real dope collab would be with this band Cherub. 

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